Our people

We believe that a strong team needs diversity of thought and experience. Get to know a few of the remarkable people behind TD Invent and see how they’re shaping the future.

Brian Moore

Senior Accessibility Specialist
"When we're making a product or building a service out for people, by our design, who are we including and who are we excluding?"
Srimoyee Bagchi

Srimoyee Bagchi

Insurance Advisor, Top iD8er 2023
"Being a frontline advisor gives me a unique opportunity to empathize with customers and at the same time see any gaps in our existing process. I'm able to visualize viable solutions which can optimize and improve the customer experience—and leverage TD’s colleague ideation program, iD8 to bring attention to ideas that support the customer experience."
Dino D'Agostino

Dino D'Agostino

Distinguished Full Stack Architect
"My approach to innovation is rooted in exploring uncharted territories outside of traditional banking. I draw inspiration from other industries and translate their novel methods into the financial services sector, constantly seeking creative permutations and combinations to deliver value to TD customers and employees."
Michelle David

Michelle David

Branch Manager
"I lead a team that has tenured colleagues, and I also have colleagues who are new to the bank and in the role less than three months. For them to be able to learn in a safe space has been invaluable. There's a lot of talk amongst my team of what they look forward to learning from the virtual reality headset."

Jeff Chan

Senior Manager, Enterprise Innovation
"Thanks to the explosive growth of Generative AI, I believe that how we currently operate, think and analyze data will change in ways we thought were still years off."
Tanvi Patel

Tanvi Patel

Digital and Payments Associate
"In the rotational associate program, I'm encouraged to explore and develop unique ideas in a tangible manner, testing concepts, and engaging with cutting-edge technologies. The bank's culture of collaboration encourages all colleagues to work together to transform and shape the future of banking."
Daniel Sourani

Daniel Sourani

Innovation & Optimization Lead
"Innovation, to me, is akin to throwing a multitude of darts, observing where they land, and discovering new patterns in the unexpected. While classical business strategy has historically focused on the precision of hitting the bullseye, not all challenges present a clear target. It's in this ambiguity that innovation thrives, uncovering pathways where none were visible before and transforming scattered efforts into groundbreaking solutions."

Sam Estoesta

Product Manager, Social Innovation Specialization
"When we think about accessibility, it's often with respect to meeting accessibility requirements but I think we can do better than that."
Jim Richer

Jim Richer

Distinguished Software Engineer
"I am constantly looking for opportunities to improve the colleague experience at TD. This includes providing new and updated tooling (like exploring Gen AI), improving default access, and working to enhance processes. I empower developers to spend more time doing what they excel at—creating awesome software for our users"

Sanaz Ghasemi

Design Research Lead
"TD’s reputation as one of the leading financial institutions in North America and its highly educated and multi-disciplinary team brought me here. TD provides the opportunity to work with a community of highly educated and skilled professionals who are eager to learn from one another and educate others on their craft, while empowering its employees to impact the day-to-day life of its customers through well-designed experiences. Additionally, the welcoming, inclusive and diverse work environment at TD is a joy to be a part of. If you’re looking for a job that fulfills you both personally and professionally, TD is the way to go."

Linda Tao

Associate Vice President, Advanced Digital Experiences
"I came to TD Invent because this is a unique opportunity to take ambiguous, complex concepts and build your own start-ups with a team comprised of highly experienced people. That is huge. I am privileged and grateful that we are able to work with groups all across the bank that bring their own perspectives and experiences to ultimately deliver these solutions. It means ground-breaking change when it all comes together."

Want to shape the future with us?

"TD Invent provides opportunities for growth and development in offices across Canada and the US. We’re always looking for people with diverse skillsets and mindsets who want to make an impact."